What is Botson?

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Botson by IET is your one-stop shop to make sure you never walk into walls again. It is two-day fun filled workshop conducted by IET MPSTME on Campus where participants are guided step-by-step in creating a fully functional Bluetooth controlled obstacle detecting bot, smart enough to move and smarter to dodge. With this workshop, whether you're a novice or a master, we'll make a Tony Stark out of you.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

BOTSON is IET MPSTME's flagship event conducted every year, that allows participants to build a fully functional 4-wheeled Bluetooth controlled obstacle detecting robot using the Arduino Uno microprocessor.

Yes! BOTSON is conducted every year, and this year, we are in our Eight edition.

It is a 4 wheeled robot. It will have bluetooth control and obstacle detection features.

Yes! The event will be conducted in the New Mukesh Patel Building.

The event will be conducted on 21st ans 22nd October, Saturday and Sunday. It will be conducted from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Saturday where the parts of the bot and coding will be explained and tested, and 10 AM to 5PM on Sunday, when the main bot will be built.

Yes. There will be regular breaks during the event.

No. The necessary basics will be taught on the first day of the event.

In the beginning of the event, the kits are distributed by the instructors, consisting of all the relevant items/tools/equipment required to code for and assemble the bot. Post a simple coding session, all equipment is tested on the first day. On the second day, the main bot is built as per the step-by-step directives given by the instructor with thorough testing conducted at each step.

Yes. The theory of each part is taught on the first day of the event. Moreover, A comprehensive study guide is provided.

Participants need not fulfil any prerequisites at the event, besides bringing a fully charged laptop that is compatible with and can support the Arduino IDE. A laptop is not compulsory, but recommended in order to learn to code the bot effectively.

There are presently no pre-requisites needed for BOTSON, as all basics are taught in the event, step-by-step to ensure no one is left behind.

No. The IET MPSTME specially creates a comprehensive kit containing all necessary equipment beforehand that has been checked for compatibility and quality. The kit also contains spares for any emergencies that may occur by mishandling or breakage, or any manufacturing defect.

All parts are checked thoroughly before distribution. There are only two parts in the kit with a chance of being defective. The bluetooth module and the motor driver and there will be an extra set of those parts inside the kit. Spares will be given for LEDs and wires. The instructors also possess spares in case of any accidents.

Spares will be given for wires.There will also be an extra bluetooth module and motor driver. The instructors will also keep spares of equipment in case of any accidents or emergencies.

The Following methods of payment are available: Gpay/ RTGS/NEFT Please check the registration form for clarification and details on the same.

The Technical Department has a dedicated team of instructors led by Aryan Mehta and Kirtan Thakkar. They are available round the clock to address any issues that may arise during the event,

There won't be any fun if it's not working. So YES! The bot is ensured to be fully functional by the end of the event, and any issues arising will be personally be handled by the Technical Team to ensure functionality.

A soft copy of the certificate issued by IET MPSTME is sent to you via email as per the email registered in the registration form post the event.

Following are the benefits you shall reap should you choose to be a part of BOTSON: The certificate of participation awarded by the London-based Institution of Engineering and Technology in a prestigious event such as this adds considerable weight to your CV/resume. Your bot can be reprogrammed and repurposed for further use/projects in later years. Your participation also adds to your experience of bot development and programming.

Anyone who is interested in building their own bot and is between the age 19-25years

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